Local Strawberries with Challah French Toast

Weekends are synonymous with brunch and here at West End Bakery we love the chance to serve up special items on the weekend. You can also order from our regular breakfast and lunch menus. And as always, we have plenty of baked goods and dessert treats on hand to choose from. Come in and enjoy!

Saturday & Sunday Brunch Menu

Check our specials board for what we’ve cooked up this weekend.
Our choices are likely to include:

Challah French Toast served with seasonal fruit and pure North Eastern Maple Syrup

Organic Grits with Butter or Pimento Cheese from Lindley Mills in Graham, NC

Fresh Fruit Salad with organic vanilla yogurt and house-made granola

And remember, we have lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas made with organic fair-trade locally roasted espresso.

Or Order from our regular Breakfast Menu…

Regular Bagel with butter and/or jelly $2.25
Bagel With Cream Cheese $2.75Toast (1 slice) with butter and jelly $.95
Add a spread - cream cheese, hummus, almond butter or peanut butter $.50 each

Smoked Trout Bagel with Cream Cheese and Capers $5.25

Veggie Bagel with herbed cream cheese, and all the veggies $4.25


On a Bagel or Biscuit Add $.50

Hickory Nut Gap Sausage Biscuit $5.00

House-made Veggie Sausage Biscuit $5.00 Made with carmelized onions, pecan meal, soy and a delicious blend of herbs and spices

Sausage Egg and Cheese $6.50 Made with Hickory Nut Gap sausage and local farm-raised eggs. Served with mayo, mustard and/or horseradish sauce.

Veggie Sausage Eggs and Cheese $6.50

Biscuits served all day every day!

Bacon, Egg & Cheese $6.50
Made with local farm-raised eggs and all natural nirtate, hormone and anti-biotic-free. Served with mayo, mustard and/or horseradish sauce.

Egg & Cheese Sandwich $4.50
Made with local farm-raised eggs. Served with mayo, mustard and/or horseradish sauce.

A local farm-raised egg casserole made with our bread, cheese, seasonal vegetables and spices. Also great for lunch. $3.50

Bowl of Granola with Fruit
Served with milk $4.25
Served with yogurt, organic, soy, or almond milk $4.75

Bowl of Organic Oatmeal with Fruit $4.00

We offer a choice of sweet or savory scones.


Come see our incredible assortment of made from scratch baked goods with 100% organic flour and the freshest ingredients available. We bake many different varieties every day and we always offer vegan items, spelt, gluten-free and maple sweetened treats.

*Cinnamon Rolls $2.90
*Muffins $2.38 (vegan, whole-grain, and non-sugar sweetened options)
*Gluten-free Muffins $3.00
*Sour Cream Coffee Cake $2.38
*Scones $2.38
*Brownies $2.38
*Cookies $.89 – $2.50

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