Youth Open MIC this Saturday, January 31, 6-8PM

The West End Bakery recognizes the wealth of younger talent in our community, as well as the scarce opportunities to perform. You bring the talent, whether it be music or spoken word and we’ll provide the rest (PA, Mics and Keyboard). Food and Beverages available from our Night menu

After School Specials

Many of us remember the ABC classic After School Specials that taught us all about the dangers in the world like pot smoking and  sex and the ups and downs of family life, like when your Dad gets fired and ends up living in a trashy hotel. If you want …

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Winter Hours

We will not be open on Friday and Saturday nights during the winter months,  but the Bakery  is available for event/party  rentals. All inquiries please call 252-9378 for details.

Holiday Treats

We have lots of fabulous festive offerings that are great to take to  parties and use as gifts this holiday season. Small and large loaves of dessert breads such as  Gingerbread and  Orange Cranberry Walnut and Peanut Butter Fudge or Caramel Apple Cheesecake. Also Egg Nog Custard Pie, Cinnamon Roll …

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