Emma Elementary eats Pesto!!

This is a picture of part of the community garden at Emma Elementary.  I collected a 5 gallon bucket full of beautiful basil.   Aylah and I processed it all last night!  We will be making pesto and freezing most of it.  We will be using some of the pesto to …

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Farside Farm and Homegrown Tomatoes

Nothing quite like slow cooked homemade pork bbq with Farside Farm pork and homegrown tomatoes.  Serve it on fresh out of the oven West End Bakery Buns and see what happens!

Meghan and Aylah – Berries and More!

My daughter Aylah and I went out to Long Branch Farms and picked Organic blueberries, wine berries, and the last of the red raspberries.  We made an orange custard tart and filled it with all the delicious berries on top!  In the center of the tart is a “Berry Whip” that …

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Chicken of the Wood!

Reid found these beautiful chicken of the wood mushrooms out in Madison County on the side of a tree. They taste somewhat similar to chicken and they have a very similar texture. I chopped them up and put them into a strata for a vegetarian friend and she thought there …

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