Celebrate Valentines and Mardi Gras at the Bakery!

February has two of our favorite holidays!! For Valentines Day we have fabulous desserts to treat your self and your sweethearts such as  Ganache Covered Chocolate Heart Cakes, Conversation sugar cookies, Raspberry Chocolate brownies, Bacon dipped in Chocolate, A Valentines Truffles and Sweetheart Cupcakes or Layered Cakes and Heart Shaped His and Her  Cheesecakes or a larger Sweetheart Berry Cheesecake for the whole family

We will also be offering festive beverages to celebrate like Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Champagne, Cupids Arrow Mimosa with Orange and Chocolate, Love Potion #9 Strawberry White Chocolate Champagne, and Sweetheart Mocha Espresso with Raspberry and Chocolate or White Chocolate.

For Mardis Gras we will have our own version of a mini King Cake a a pastry stuffed with cream cheese and a “surprise” in each one.

Order ahead for quantities

Come celebrate with us and join us in raising money for a great cause!

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