Springer Farms Chicken

We work hard to continuously improve the quality of our menu by seeking out new providers that are in line with our philosophy of food that is healthy for our bodies and our planet and are thrilled to have found a  new poultry provider for  our Gourmet Chicken Salad.  Springer  Mountain Farms in northeast Georgia has been in operation for 40 years and has worked hard to learn about the benefits of better animal care, better living conditions, and more stringent biosecurity practices. Their chicken is truely 100% all natural , a claim too often made and not verified, which means they are pesticide free, use no chemical medicines including anti-biotics, and are fed an all vegetarian diet.  
Springer Mountain is  American Humane Certified, a  third-party, independent verification that certified producers’ care and handling of farm animals meet the science-based animal welfare standards of American Humane Association.
To learn more check out  http://springermountainfarms.com and  http://www.americanhumane.org and feel good about eating our chicken salad and supporting ethical farming practices.

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