We have expanded the menu!

After 10 years in business,  we are always trying to keep life interesting and creative juices flowing by challenging ourselves in new ways . Last week we unveiled a new line of Signature Sandwiches and expanded some of our breakfast sandwich offerings as well . Local produce and locally made products have inspired our recipes and evolved into additional lunch and breakfast offerings such as the popular Veggie Burger featuring a rotating variety of flavors using  available local ingredients such as Viable Cultures Tempeh locally grown mushrooms, veggies, herbs, pickles and condiments.

Michael names the Homewrecker. Come get yours today!

Many of our regular customers  enjoy  sharing their culinary talents by coming up with new ways to use Bakery-made  ingredients. The new menu will include the Homewrecker” created by West Asheville resident Michael Dickenson—-a mouth-watering combination of  all natural sliced turkey, pimento cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, and provolone cheese. loaded on fresh house-made bread and grilled to perfection.

But don’t worry, the old standby sandwiches will still be available. As a matter of fact some of the Signature Sandwiches are old favorites with a twist – like the Tuna Melt with BACON! So Come see for yourself how a long time West Asheville fixture can continue to reinvent itself thanks to a community rich with local resources and creative ideas!

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