Neck Pumpkin

Neck Pumpkins in the field

The Bakery is growing their own pumpkin! How much more local can you get? The variety is called Neck Pumpkin and it is very prolific. One pumpkin can yield up to 10 pounds of cooked pumpkin puree! We have been making all kinds of amazing soups, pies, muffins, breads, and cakes with this amazingly sweet pumpkin meat. Come on in and try our pumpkin apple curry soup or our pumpkin spice roulade. We’ve even made pumpkin smoothies.

We are also collaborating with the local seed company Sow True Seed – we will be giving them all the seeds from the pumpkins for their seed bank.  In exchange we’ll get credit to buy seeds from them for next years garden.

Check out this link to see a Citizen Times article on the pumpkins:

A big pile of pumpkin!

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