Meghan and Aylah – Berries and More!

Aylah's Berry Tart!

My daughter Aylah and I went out to Long Branch Farms and picked Organic blueberries, wine berries, and the last of the red raspberries.  We made an orange custard tart and filled it with all the delicious berries on top!  In the center of the tart is a “Berry Whip” that Aylah created by adding the smashed berries to fresh whipped cream.  She is already an inspired Pastry Chef!
I also took a picture of our first Shitake mushrooms from a log that was inoculated two years ago through a Slow Foods event.  We were so excited to eat the Shitakes, that we didn’t get a picture of the meal we created with them, which was a mushroom sage sauce for our local pork chops.  Definitely one of the coolest veggies I have ever grown!  Thank you Slow Foods, Meghan Tucker

Homegrown Mushrooms

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