Chicken of the Wood!

Chicken of the Woods mushrooms

Chicken of the Woods mushrooms

Reid found these beautiful chicken of the wood mushrooms out in Madison County on the side of a tree. They taste somewhat similar to chicken and they have a very similar texture. I chopped them up and put them into a strata for a vegetarian friend and she thought there was meat in her strata!

July and August are the best time to look for these types of wild mushrooms in the woods. They are hard to miss because of their bright orange color. The bottom of the mushroom is yellow and they grow in clumps on trees or stumps.  As with any wild mushroom make sure you positively identify them before you eat them! Other delicious ways to enjoy are in a “chicken” salad or “chicken” soup. I also served them over homemade goat cheese tortellini with bechamel sauce.

Chicken of the Wood Mushrooms sauteing in a skillet

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