We’ve Gone Solar!

Our Sexy Solar Panels

After many, many months of investigation, examination, deliberation and negotiation we have finally installed a solar hot water system at the Bakery.  Four solar panels – 160 square feet of sun suckers – provide us with up to 200 gallons of  hot water a day.  When the system is working at full efficiency, this water comes off the roof at 170 degrees F, essentially cutting our old gas water heater out of the loop.  Of course, into each life a little rain must fall, but over the course of a typical year this system should provide about 80% of our total hot water needs.  The tax incentives are excellent at both the federal and state level and the prices of systems keep dropping as more and more companies start up.  It’s a great idea and YOU should do it too.

The Economics of Solar presented by First Light Solar & West End Bakery

Join us for an evening of solar education on Thursday, July 22 at 6pm at West End Bakery & Café. During this free, fun & informative 1 hour workshop, you will learn how solar energy can benefit your home or business. Appetizers & beverages provided. Bring your friends, family & solar energy questions! West End Bakery is proud to feature a newly installed solar thermal energy system for their business in West Asheville, so come & check it out! RSVP to events@flsenergy.com or call 350-3993 for more information.


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