March is Local Egg Month

Egg and sausage on a biscuit with all the fixings.

West End Bakery is working with Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project each month to create delicious baked goods, soups, salads, and sandwich specials featuring seasonal local food.

Our Egg specials for March will be Scotch Eggs on a breakfast salad, Egg salad w/ spring herbs, and Pesto Egg and Provolone sandwiches. Desserts featuring local eggs include; Angel Food Cake, Lemon Custard Pie, and Banana Pudding.

Our eggs are from Farside Farms right outside of Asheville in Alexander, NC. Mike Brown owns Farside Farm and he makes sure that all of the animals on his farm have access to open space and clean air. He also makes all of his animals’ feed on the farm. This way he can be sure that the feed is always of high quality and appropriate mixture, and without any added antibiotics or hormones. The result is consistently pure eggs that customers can trust to be healthy, safe, and delicious.

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